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FREEFALL Q&A: Tyler Smith, Lawyer for the Kleins, Says Christian Bakers Aren't Giving Up

Attorney for Christian bakers who declined to make a lesbian wedding cake explains why they're not giving up after paying more than $130,000 judgement.

Episode 50: So…I Guess This Would Be Our Christmas Show, Then

Krampus lays out her Christmas plans — and if you mess them up, you will pay.

A fascinating discussion with Shibley Telhami about evangelicals, politics, end times views and more.

Star Wars, James Bond, and other manly American stuff that Billy doesn’t like.

Bloody toast.

I’m honestly asking — I’m not trying to be a jerk.

Merry Christmas, peeps.

Episode 49: Crowder Time

It’s not a holiday pumpkin.

Trumpety Trumperton.

Traditional Hallowell Christmas.

World-famous singer/songwriter David Crowder joins us to talk about life, music, media, whatever. Get ready to be wowed by coolness.

A little Kim, little Kanye go a long way.

Badgering Home Depot.

Calling No. 1 fan Pedro Cortes about the new album from Slaves Wage.

Pastor Rich Wilkerson talks about how the church can do a better job of being the church.

Sad for Matthew West.

FREEFALL Q&A: Ray Norman

World Vision’s Ray Norman

FREEFALL Q&A: Keith Getty

Singer/songwriter Keith Getty explains why there will be an uncommon hymn included in his Christmas show this year.

FREEFALL Q&A: David Daleiden

David Daleiden, head of the Center for Medical Progress, the organization whose Planned Parenthood videos exposed the ugly baby-parts business, speaks with us about undercover work, the abortion industry’s attacks on him, gag orders, lawsuits, coming videos and more.

Episode 48: The Elf That Ruined Christmas

We just give and give. A bonus episode just for you … and you … and you … but not you.

Hallowell Tree Terror and the Field Family Living Nativity.

Former Cosmopolitan writer Sue Ellen Browder talks about her new book that details how her work at the magazine helped the sexual revolution take over the women’s movement.

The plans Billy makes for Chris’ life without telling him.

Willie Morris, CEO of Faithbox, talks about the powerful new tool for helping Christians grow daily in their faith and providing products the faithful will appreciate.

A picture of a fireplace.

It’s hard enough already to keep the Santa lie going without this little jerk’s help.

Episode 47: Trying to Be Wrong

Cookie Monster.

Did they even watch “A Charlie Brown Christmas”?

Do current events give us an insight into the End Times? Jeff Kinley, author of the new book “Wake the Bride,” who has spent a lot of time looking at the Rapture, End Times and more.

Lots and lots of exercise equipment.


FREEFALL Q&A: Chris Tomlin

Recording artist Chris Tomlin reveals that he was studying to become a doctor, but God had different plans. Plus, he discusses his new Christmas album, “Adore: Christmas Songs of Worship,” and what life is like in the music industry.

Episode 46: Wheat Thins & Other Things We’re Thankful For

SURPRISE!!! We’re here with a Thanksgiving-timed show.

Chris’ black heart.

Random calls.

An interview with John Burke about what’s really going on with all those “I saw Heaven” stories.

Be thankful, y’all … unless you’re stuck hosting a podcast with a certain so-and-so.

FREEFALL Q&A: Pastor Caleb Kaltenbach

Caleb Kaltenbach returns to the show to further discuss the topic of how the church should handle homosexuality and members of the LGBT community.

Episode 45: Good Luck Gestating

The funniest thing Billy has ever said.

Serious Syria story.

Recording star Natalie Grant visits, shares about her new album, depression and life.

Mrs. Hallowell leaves a lovely “Things I’m Thankful For” message.

Rivette is back and dishes about a Thanksgiving dinner prank.

Scary big-headed people.

The sickening “Scandal” scene.

FREEFALL Q&A: New Orleans Saints Tight End Benjamin Watson

New Orleans Saints tight end Benjamin Watson talks about his new book, “Under Our Skin: Getting Real about Race — and Getting Free From the Fears and Frustrations That Divide Us” and how to forgive, change your heart and deal with hate in the world.

Episode 44: The Whole Come-Back-To-Life Thing Was Good

If it’s good for him, it’s good for you, woman.

Special guest appearance — she’s 20 months, she’s cute and she’s abnormally quiet.

The main man’s “two dads.”

David Limbaugh talks to us about his new book, “The Emmaus Code: Finding Jesus in the Old Testament,” and explains why it’s good to read the WHOLE Bible — not just the “new” stuff.

Cleaning up the Starbucks kerfuffle.

Katy Perry and the wrath of a “Christian mom.”

FREEFALL Q&A: NFL Star Charles Tillman

Carolina Panthers cornerback Charles Tillman discusses life as a role model for young people and the new book, “The Middle School Rules of Charles ‘Peanut’ Tillman.”

FREEFALL Q&A: Joshua Feuerstein and His Viral Video About Starbucks’ Red Cups

This weekend, Joshua Feuerstein set the Internet on fire with his video rant about Starbucks’ red “holiday” cups. He takes a look at where culture is going and why this event is just another marker on a long road.

Episode 43: Unkind, UnChristian, but Not Untrue

You should see me in my red leather pumps.

Christmas songs already?

An exclusive interview with another big name in the music industry: Mercy Me. They talk about life, music and their new Christmas album.

Potential danger from Syrian refugees.

The HUGE change in religious demographics in the Democratic Party.

A terrible idea from Billy: Church Boys weight-loss challenge.

King of sinus infections.

Wardrobe changes.

FREEFALL Q&A: Author and Pastor Bobby Conway

Pastor Bobby Conway discusses his new book, “Doubting Toward Faith.” He believes that the many doubts that are happening today may well lead to a deepening dependence on God — if it’s handled correctly by the Church.

Episode 42: Summarily Dismissed

Happy friggin’ Halloween, y’all.

Can you believe we just give this stuff away for free?

Korie Robertson stops by — and she doesn’t pull any punches.

Plus, a special guest appearance by recording star Jason Crabb. He proves he’s more than capable of taking care of himself in our arena.

That “Girls” star is one classy dame.

Just in time for Christmas: “The Myths That Stole Christmas.” You’ll love it just as much as we do.

You’re going to need to bleep that.

Bye, MM.

FREEFALL Q&A: Biblical Scholar Dr. Michael S. Heiser

Just in time for Halloween: An interview with Dr. Michael S. Heiser about the spirit world — Satan, demons, "fallen angels," you name it — and his new book "The Unseen Realm: Recovering the Supernatural Worldview of the Bible."

FREEFALL Q&A: Pastor Louie Giglio

Pastor Louie Giglio talks about his past struggles with depression and his new book, "The Comeback: It’s Not Too Late and You’re Never Too Far."

Episode 41: This Was Poorly Planned


A special call to a special lady.

Two great interviews:

First, Robert Hutchinson talks about his new book, “Searching for Jesus,” which claims that the existence of Jesus can be verified.

And then, Albert Mohler gives advice on whether same-sex marriage opponents should attend same-sex weddings.

Let’s talk about the hymen.

Framed certificate.

FREEFALL Q&A: Author and Former Dallas Cowboy Chad Hennings

Author and three-time Super Bowl-winning former Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman Chad Hennings shares his understanding of our ethics, morality and truth today and his thoughts from his new book, “Forces of Character.”

FREEFALL Q&A: Sony Affirm Films Sr. VP Rich Peluso

Rich Peluso, senior vice president of Sony Affirm Films, talks about the new film “Risen,” which takes a look at Christ’s life following the crucifixion.

Episode 40: Big Break — With Special Guest Host Matthew West

October 18, 2015

Purveyor of cheap tricks.

World-famous recording artist Matthew West panels with us for the whole show. Get his take on politics, the entertainment industry, what it’s like to be a mega-celebrity — or at least more famous than Chris and Billy — and everyday living.

Plus, don’t miss his stories about the Hotel California, pregnant fans and life on the road.

And we have a great interview with Jon Erwin, the guy behind the amazing new movie “Woodlawn.”

We are hacktastic.

FREEFALL Q&A: Theologian Dr. Albert Mohler

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President Albert Mohler discusses how Christians have mishandled homosexuality, reparative therapy and other cultural issues.

Episode 39: Haven’t Showered for Days … and Didn’t Even Realize It

Rivette returns.

A MAJOR Blaze announcement.

Another tech fight.

Rick Lawrence talks about the new Jesus-centered Bible.

Bring your Bible to school — unless you really believe in it. If so, shut up.

John Maxwell visits with us about his newest book, “Intentional Living.”

Don’t go chasing waterfalls.

FREEFALL Q&A: Jase, Missy & Mia Robertson

Stars of the hit show “Duck Dynasty” stop by to talk about Mia’s life-changing surgery, what it means to surrender you kids, and a new book all about blessings.

Episode 38: You Can Do Better

Who knew you were such a disciplinarian?

Franklin Graham talks with us about the new book from his dad, Billy Graham, plus a little insight into what it would be like to be the famed evangelist’s kid.

Oh, and a sit-down with journalist David Gregory. He already told us about his faith journey, now we get his take on the fight for the White House and the state of journalism today.

Discriminating against the elderly.

Mass Pope-age. More Laura. Serious Ava. Little wisdom.

FREEFALL Q&A: Franklin Graham on Moral Decline — Obama Admin Is ‘Celebrating Sin,’ ‘Pushing Sin’

Franklin Graham discussed a number of topics with us in a recent sit-down. Here’s what he had to say about America’s moral decline and how the Obama administration is “celebrating sin.”

FREEFALL Q&A: David Gregory on Faith

Journalist David Gregory surprised a lot of people when he published his first book and it was all about faith. He sits down with us to talk about “How’s Your Faith?”

FREEFALL Q&A: Franklin Graham on Islam and the Pope

Franklin Graham discussed a number of topics with us in a recent sit-down. Here’s what he had to say about Islam and the Pope.

FREEFALL Q&A: Pastor and Author Kyle Idleman

Pastor Kyle Idleman, author of the new book “End of Me,” talks about coming to the end of ourselves instead of making much of ourselves.

Episode 37: So Glad I’m Bad at My Job

Idiot bully gets his.

Mama Hallowell leaves a message for her disappointing son.

How Justin Wren went from being an MMA star to a man serving pygmies.

Special guest LIVE in studio.

What in the world is a “blood moon”?

Boehner be gone … now what?

FREEFALL Q&A: Director/Screenwriter Randall Wallace

He’s known for his work on big-time films such as “Braveheart,” “We Were Soldiers,” “Pearl Harbor,” “Secretariat” and much more. In his new book, “Living the Braveheart Life,” he’s sharing what it’s like to live a life of conviction in Hollywood.

Episode 36: Giving America a Break

Just like an ESPY.

Wearing our Carly and Donald masks.

A fascinating conversation with the men behind the new documentary movie, “Finding Noah.”

A not-so-great list of politicians — the Ashley Madison of donations.

Campaign finance fight, fight, fight.

The least qualified man in the world to speak about anything sports-related talks football … sorta.

Chris’ strange desire to talk to RuPaul.

FREEFALL Q&A: Scot McKnight

New Testament professor Scot McKnight is warning fans of so-called heavenly tourism stories to exercise caution. Here's why.

FREEFALL Q&A: Rosey & Gary Brausen

When Gary Brausen was told he was going to die and nothing could stop it, Rosey began to pray — and things changed. And now they’re telling their story in a new book, “Praying for Healing While Planning a Funeral: A Miraculous Story of Hope.”

Episode 35: A Clown Show & Politics of the Ugly

Two votes for Pedro.

Is it really a problem to point out a candidate is ugly?

Pastor and author Caleb Kaltenbach tells what it was like to grow up in a home with two gay parents who had rejected religion.

Billy’s good friend Donald Trump.

More Kim Davis … stuff.

Somebody reeeeaaaaaalllllyyyyyy likes his dentist.

Successful people don’t listen to this show.

FREEFALL Q&A: Don Piper, Author and Subject of '90 Minutes in Heaven'

Pastor Don Piper shares his unique and powerful experience of dying and entering Heaven — and what his mission is now. Plus, some interesting behind-the-scenes info about the new movie.

Episode 34: Rot in Jail

Mr. Unity.

Johnny Clark of “Project Afterlife” talks to us about people coming back from the dead.

Who’s room was Billy in?

Hand-holding, uber-professionalism and earning the “weirdo” label.

Pumpkin latte.

FREEFALL Q&A: Filmmaker Tim Mahoney

Filmmaker Tim Mahoney explains what it took to make “Patterns of Evidence: Exodus” ( and what he learned, including what scholars — secular and religious — have been getting wrong about the exodus and the Israelites’ captivity in Egypt.

Episode 33: Forty

Attention, idiots.

J.R. Buckley, president of the Deaf Bible Society, tells of the work his organization is undertaking to reach a community that’s under attack by ISIS.

Our favorite minister.

Just getting older and older and older and … where was I going with this?

War on Christmas … in AUGUST … in BETHLEHEM.

Giving it to the atheists.

Plus, don’t miss “Chris & Billy’s Parenting Corner.”

FREEFALL Q&A: Martin Luther King Jr.'s Niece Alveda King Speaks Out

Alveda King speaks out about the need for unity in America, her views on the undercover Planned Parenthood videos, her involvement in "Restoring Unity" and more.

FREEFALL Q&A: Alex and Stephen Kendrick Discuss ‘War Room’

Filmmaking brothers Alex and Stephen Kendrick, who brought you “Facing the Giants,” “Fireproof” and “Courageous,” talk about their brand new movie “War Room.”

Episode 32: There’s a Good Chance You’re Going to Have a Head Injury

Why does one of us hate street preachers?

Former pastor Tullian Tchividjian lays out how and why he’s living his ups and downs in front of the entire world.

Participation trophies and what they’re doing to people.

Help us help you.

The Duuuuuuuuuuuggers.

Tell Melissa to ship one of those cakes over here — for quality-control purposes, obviously.


FREEFALL Q&A: Pastor Dimas Salaberrios

Pastor Dimoas Salaberrios is is the founder of Infinity NY Church in the Bronx River Housing Projects. His new book, “Street God,” tells of his journey from being a drug boss to a preacher who’s now reaching thousands — from criminals to victims — for God on the streets of New York.

FREEFALL Q&A: Dr. Theresa Deisher

Dr. Theresa Deisher recently make the shocking claim that Planned Parenthood could be keeping babies alive after abortions in order better harvest their organs. She tells us why that may well be the case and explains the motives behind it. Plus, she reveals the truth about embryonic stem cell research.

FREEFALL Q&A: Shaunti Feldhahn & Craig Gross Respond to Their Critics

Shauti and Craig were on the show recently to talk about their new book, "Through a Man's Eyes." That interview led to a lot of questions and criticisms from listeners and readers who took issue with their claims about men, how their brain's react to images of women, and what women should know and do about it.

We gave them a chance to come back and answer the critics.

Episode 31: Tail End of a Top 5

Get ready for the world’s worst impersonation.

Former model Nicole Weider tells about her new effort to help young ladies live lives of honor.

Billy’s fun paternity leave … and what we learned from it.

The best phone call of all time.


And just a touch of Hemlock.

Episode 30: Blame Billy

So Billy had a baby, and we have special guest cohost.

"Amazing Grace," a new Broadway show telling of the life and conversion of John Newton, is making waves. We talk to producer Carolyn Copeland and creator Christopher Smith about what it took to make this new hit musical happen.

Can I say? No, no you can't.

A call to a friend and No. 1 Fan.

We wish THAT guy were a figment of your imagination.

Total waste of money.

And this was the polished version.

FREEFALL Q&A: Victoria Hearst's Battle Against Cosmo

Victoria Hearst, granddaughter of famed newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst, sounds off on her fight with one of her family's magazines -- Cosmopolitan.

Episode 29: Diva Drive

Trump talk.

Get educated: Dr. Russell Moore explains how we can engage the culture without compromising the gospel.

Jon Seidl explains why he’s leaving us and what his next steps are.

Half-way funny.

Buried in the basement.

Punching people right in the nose.

FLASHBACK: The Day Jon Seidl Got His Big Break on The Church Boys

Jon Seidl has been with TheBlaze since day one, but now he's leaving us. Back on March 29, 2015, he got his true big break and paneled with The Church Boys. We're going to miss the big dope.

Episode 28: Father-Assisted Suicide

Lost in Oregon.

Rob Bell sits down for a long, in-depth Q & A on hell, love, the Bible, faith, and more.

What it takes to be No. 1 Fan.

The ever-changing views on same-sex marriage.

Jesus welcomes you to The Church Boys.

Bye, Felicia.

FREEFALL Q&A: Ebola Survivor Dr. Kent Brantly

Ebola survivor Dr. Kent Brantly and his wife, Amber, discuss his harrowing battle, their faith and where they believe God is leading them.

FREEFALL Q&A: Naghmeh Abedini, Wife of Iranian Prisoner, Pastor Saeed Abedini

Pastor Saeed Abedini has been a prisoner in one of the worst Iranian prisons for three years. His wife, Naghmeh, shares the family's struggle and the hope that they continue to hold to.

Episode 27: What a Lovely Dress

Does it cure crabs?

Shaunti Feldhahn and Craig Gross discuss their new book “Through a Man’s Eyes: Helping Women Understand the Visual Nature of Men.”

Planned Parenthood outrage.

Hippie nipples.

A deep look at how transgendered reporter Zoey Tur physically went after conservative pundit Ben Shapiro.

An essential oils lesson.

FREEFALL Q&A: Mikey Weinstein vs. Ron Crews

Military Religious Freedom Foundation leader Mikey Weinstein faces-off against Ron Crews, executive director of the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty, over whether chaplains who are "homophobic" should be removed from their military positions.

FREEFALL Q&A: Pastor Rit Varriale Explains Why His Church Flies the Christian Flag Above the U.S. Flag

Following the Supreme Court's ruling that forced all 50 states to legalize same-sex marriage, Pastor Rit Varriale of Elizabeth Baptist Church in Shelby, N.C., made a decision that he hopes will spark a movement. His church has chosen to place the Christian flag above the American flag on the pole outside of the building — an action that he hopes will inspire Americans to take a stand for their faith.

FREEFALL Q&A: Aaron Klein of Sweet Cakes by Melissa on Death Threats His Family Endures

The story of Aaron and Melissa Klein of Sweet Cakes has taken the country by storm. They've lost their business and are being fined $135,000 by the state of Oregon for choosing not to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding.

Aaron reached out to The Church Boys this week about a very specific and scary threat his family just received from the crowd of the "tolerance brigade" and detailed some of the many other threats and crimes that have been committed against his family.

Episode 26: They Don't Even Belong in Zoos

Worst parent ever.

David A.R. White drops in to talk about "God's Not Dead 2," Hollywood, entertainment, his faith journey and much more.

Mom's not dead.

Were you just singing?

Billy Hallowell's OUTRAGE OF THE WEEK!

Purposeful misreporting.

Oreo donut?

An "illegal" discussion.

Chris defends Ariana Grande?

FREEFALL Q&A: Candace Cameron Bure

Actress Candace Cameron Bure, star of the upcoming "Fuller House" serious, speaks out about gay cake controversy, her career, faith, fame and more.

Episode 25: Top Shelf Only!

The simultaneous joys and horrors of pregnant wives.

Music industry legend Ken Mansfield stops in to talk about his book, "Rock and a Heart Place," and opens up about many of the behind-the-scenes things he has seen in the music industry, including stuff about The Beatles you may have never heard before.

Why is Billy so worried about the transitions?

Of the five people living in my house, I rank fifth.

"The Beatles destroyed America."

I don't think Thermoses are supposed to go in the dishwasher.

Time travel.

Oh, Mr. Sulu.

FREEFALL Q&A: Uncle Si Robertson and Kevin Downes

"Duck Dynasty" star Si Robertson and actor/producer/writer Kevin Downes talk about their new movie, "Faith of Our Fathers."

Episode 24: We've Reached Prime Time Now

Absolutely nothing to talk about … except maybe the folly of the Supreme Court. But other than that …

An amazing interview with The Oak Ridge Boys' Joe Bonsall. We talk music, faith, ORB history, Johnny Cash and much more.

William Lee Golden's beard was cool before the Duck Dynasty boys could grow theirs.

Aaaaaaaand we just lost our G rating.

One Church Boy says, "When I hear 'Beatles,' my eyes glaze over." The other one shoots himself.

Chris' new best friend -- Billy has been replaced.

We are in zero Halls of Fame.

Episode 23: That Is NOT an Irish Accent


We talk Hollywood, the 2016 election, how to cure America and much more with Kevin Sorbo.

Canada continues to mass along the border.

Meet Annie Lobert -- a changed life.

Lying liar who tells lies.

Certified genius.

Bad girls club.

FREEFALL Q&A: Pamela Geller

Stalwart free-speech advocate and high-profile opponent of Sharia law, Pamela Geller, talks taking on terrorism, preserving freedom and more.

Episode 22: Spokompton

Examining the requirements to be president of the NAACP.

Fox News' Gretchen Carlson talks faith, media, family and her new book, "Getting Real." (Plus, she reveals what Brian Kilmeade actually smells like in the morning.)

Who's angling for the Caitlyn Jenner endorsement?

America's favorite blackmailer, Sarah Rivette, keeper secrets for half the Church Boys, calls in.

Can Chris ever find something appropriate to laugh at?

Billy Hallowell, professional broadcaster.

Episode 21: Wherever Our Brains Drag Us

Driving the bus to hell with the pedal to the metal.

TheBlaze TV's LaVern Vivio drops in to talk about her column that burned up the interwebs, "Blaze Personality's Heartfelt Admission: I Wished I Had Been Born a Boy."

Billy lies about his familiarity with "Star Trek: The Next Generation" -- but Chris drops the TNG knowledge.

Why don't you have Mommy kill the spider? She can't; she's afraid.

I wouldn't consider myself a "thinker."

Time for a nap and a sammich.

Who here hates libertarians?

Episode 20: Shock! A Kept Promise … Topped With a Glazed Twist

Outrageously outrageous!

Elizabeth Carroll, cohost of "Marriage Boot Camp" on WEtv, explains Marriage Boot Camp is, the impact a positive reality TV show can have on everyday people and how her ministry is changing lives and saving relationships.

Deep thoughts on Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner and what it means for our culture. And how will it impact free speech and American discourse? And more...

Episode 19: That's a Lot of Weed

How did this become the all-pot show?

A great debate over drug legalization with experts from both sides--Morgan Fox from the Marijuana Policy Project and Dave Evans from the Drug Free America Foundation.

Plus, a surprisingly lucid call with Jason Howerton over -- what else? -- legalizing Mary Jane.

How is it possible for both guys to piss off the entire planet in just one week?

Episode 18: Daddy's Gotta Pay the Bills

Did you order the extra-large episode?

Get to know Kristoffer Polaha, star of the new movie, "Where Hope Grows." He shares what life is like in Hollywood and how his faith impacts everything he does.

Oh, yes, Chris, you're JUST like Polaha -- minus the good looks, fame and success.

Are you a pothead, Focker? Talkin' to you, Hallowell.

"Apparently, children are just falling out of this woman."

Miss America.

Episode 17: Big Fat Bully

What's wrong with slut-shaming and fat-shaming?

An extended special interview with Dr. Leslie Wickman, author of "God of the Big Bang."

Who's the real bully here? And who's the sissy?

Hopelessness is the problem.

Don't kill yourself after listening to this show -- or you'll prove Billy right.

Nicholas Sparks fan club.

FREEFALL Q&A: Sadie Robertson

Star of "Duck Dynasty" and "Dancing With the Stars" Sadie Robertson visits with the Church Boys about inspiring young people how to live lives of character, what it takes to stay "normal" in a world of craziness, how she handles fame, what Uncle Si is REALLY like, and much more.

Episode 16: Naked Cruelty

Our most professional show to date.

We interview former star of the Real Housewives of Orange County Lydia McLaughlin about her faith, the show and what's next in her career.

Should you be ostracized for simply holding up a mirror for others to examine themselves?


FREEFALL Q&A: Matt Walsh vs. Jarrid Wilson

TheBlaze's Matt Walsh and Pastor Jarrid Wilson go toe-to-toe on the Bruce Jenner transexual story and how best to handle it.

FREEFALL Q&A: Josh McDowell

Evangelist Josh McDowell reveals what led him from atheism to Christianity—and why he's passionate about showing skeptics and believers, alike, the proof they need to foster and sustain faith.

Episode 15: Not Horribly Produced

An in-depth discussion with Mikey Weinstein about religious freedom for the U.S. military.

Nonsensical outrage of the month: posters promoting good character.

Plus, a good, long, serious talk about the Supreme Court and how they'll rule on same-sex marriage.

Why is there a sock stuffed in your drawers?

FREEFALL Q&A: Sweet Cakes by Melissa

Aaron and Melissa Klein discuss standing by their faith.

FREEFALL Q&A: Willie and Korie Robertson

"Duck Dynasty" power couple Willie and Korie Robertson sat down with TheBlaze's Billy Hallowell for an in-depth discussion about faith, fame and the new "Duck Commander" musical.

Episode 14: A  Member of Civilized Society

A powerful conversation with the coolest lady in Texas. We talk to Joan Cheever, owner of the Chow Train. The city of San Antonio is trying to stop her efforts to feed the homeless. Billy excels on national television -- for a whole 7 seconds. So long, Sex Box. We hardly knew ye … thank God. Nancy Graceful.


Hollywood filmmakers Jon and Andrew Erwin are gearing up for the release of "Woodlawn," their next feature film about one of the last schools to integrate in Birmingham, Alabama, in the 1970s.

On the heels of the brothers' two previous feature films, "Moms' Night Out" and "October Baby," this drama carries with it the potential to do much more than merely entertain. 

Episode 13: Full Moon

Self-awareness is something too few people are gifted with nowadays.

Our super-classy president.

And an in-depth interview with an Iowa family whose business has been targeted with hate and threats all because they stood up for their religious beliefs.

FREEFALL Q&A: Pastor Amos Dodge

Pastor Amos Dodge discusses his 37th annual Easter Sunrise service and some of the astounding facts that he loves to mention when talking about Jesus Christ.

Episode 12: Touched by the Church Boys

Will the incredibleness ever stop?

Mark Burnett and Roma Downey stop by to discuss their brand new faith-driven project, "A.D." They open up about what it takes to keep the faith and the family intact in Hollywood.

Actor/singer/comedian/showman/astronaut/dancer/chef/quilter extraordinaire Jamie Foxx ruffles a few feathers.

Billy's poor choice of pop-culture references.

A surprise call to a D.C. office.

Rand Paul goes for the evangelical vote … kinda.

And girl crushes in the land of the perpetually outraged.

FREEFALL Q&A: Phelim McAleer

Billy Hallowell sits down with filmmaker Phelim McAleer to discuss his new stage play about the fatal shooting death of Michael Brown.

Episode 11: Killing Paternity Leave

Alexis Rodney of "Killing Jesus" drops by

TheBlaze's Jon Seidl spins the hits

Duck Dynasty patriarch does it again

Chris and Billy have a slap fight.

Episode 10: Pasty and Doughy

Brittni Ruiz's story might just change your life.

Does Chris really hate the homeless?

Who gives their son the middle name of Penelope?

Billy FINALLY comes through.

FREEFALL Q&A: Luke Zamperini

Luke Zamperini, son of Louie Zamperini, talks with the Church Boys about his father's legacy; the making of "Unbroken," the Oscar-nominated film about Louie's life; and a soon-to-be-released 90-minute special feature "Legacy of Faith" containing behind-the-scenes stories, special moments, and faith-affirming lessons from the film.

Episode 9: Nothing but Time

We break a little news with Michael Lindsay.

With all the lies, what was the most disturbing part of the Hillary email press conference?

And Billy continues to disappoint.

Episode 8: Lies, Lunacy and Loudmouths

Billy's disappointment is everyone's disappointment.

Judah Smith provides some seriousness we've been lacking for a while.

Our awesomeness cannot be contained.

Episode 7: Live Long and ... Whatever

Who knew life was really a Star Trek convention?

One of us reveals an ugly secret from his childhood.

Oh, and Sandi Patti reference is made.

It's one of those kinds of shows.

Episode 6: Battle of Biblical Proportions

It's a throwdown between Abraham and Rahab.

Oh, and Billy the saint is firm but gentle with Rob Bell … Chris -- not so much.

We're very brave.

Episode 5: Happy Frigging Valentine's Day

What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than to talk about … well … you know. (Don't worry, we're not dirty.)

Plus--Billy's mommy called!

Episode 4: Don't Let Them Eat Cake ... or Something

This is our most fabulous show to date. How in-depth will Chris' small mind allow us to go?

Plus--how to fix EVERYTHING.

Episode 3: Billy Channels His Inner Nancy Grace

Why is TheBlaze Faith Editor obsessed with pot? Why are the women in our lives ignoring us?

Plus--how to get fired at Ford.

Episode 2: What Do the Westboro Peeps and Yoga Pants Have in Common?

Can you believe we made it all the way to a second show? We guarantee you're not as surprised as we are. 

Hey, why is Chris in a mesh tank-top and leggings?

Episode 1: The Very First Ever Episode of The Church Boys -- You're Going to Frigging Love It 

It's the premiere episode. We talk France, football, churchy stuff, atheists, and manliness. Plus, don't miss Billy's exclusive interview with "the Mayor of Atlanta."

You'll be back. Trust us.

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